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Go from having an idea to getting it off the ground by simplifying the process of crafting a business plan.

You’ve got bankers to impress and investors to influence, but don’t know where to start your business plan or have been getting bogged down by some of the finer details of putting together a cohesive strategy. Let our software aid you by cutting through some of the most common worries new entrepreneurs have.

I don’t want to spend a month writing a plan (and then being uncertain whether or not that’s the right plan.)

Our software will allow you to create your business plan in minutes. There is no other software like it on the market today.

I don’t know what to write.

No experience necessary. Based on your industry and information provided, we do all the writing for you.

I don’t know or understand how to do financials, cash flow, P&L statements, etc.

No need. Our software automatically generates all your financial data based industry and data provided.

I’m worried I’ll write a plan that is incomplete or that does not meet lenders standards.

Our plans are designed to meet lenders standard and can be adjusted if necessary.

I don’t know when enough is enough. I don’t want to add too much or not enough information.

Never worry about writing too much or too little again. Our software creates the perfect amount of text 100% of the time.

I’m concerned about making unfounded or unrealistic assumptions in my plan.

Our text is written based on factual information about the industry you select. Follow your lead and you will never find yourself providing unrealistic assumptions.

I don’t know how to do the proper research or determine if my research is relevant.

Within minutes you will have a beautiful business plan ready to show the world. No more long hours and sleepless nights. That is why 123bizplan is the best choice for your business planning needs.

Say hello to the 123BizPlan software platform—designed for maximum benefit.

Plans are intricate, but creating them doesn’t have to be so complicated. Our software is finely-tuned to give you an advantage in mapping out your ideas, complete with text and striking visuals.